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April 22, 2005

We Are Not The Press - Opera Bogglers Get More Punchy - A Reply to LSR - Camp "Mascot"

It's always nice to be mentioned. I was going to reply in the post, but it got too long, so here we go(yes, I've blockquoted myself, you got a problem with that?):

Just to be clear, I wasn't referring to you, your blog, or any other blog (okay, maybe OperaWatch a bit). Also, I've never actually been to your blog before, so I don't quite get how I was commenting on your post. If I referred to anything, I was referring to my own posts. That said, I'm ecstatic that there's more meaningful discussion going on now among the Opera bloggers - mission accomplished.

As for writing about press releases - I only brought it up because it seemed that everyone and their left testicle was blogging about the same swimming thing, and after seeing 12 headlines as variations on the same thing, I wanted to stab myself.

Regarding your wrap-up of various reviews/mentions, I thought that was one of the many useful ways boggling can occur. Aggregation is not the sin here, it's doing so without meaningful commentary. And of course Opera doesn't get enough press, that's why I've been so impressed with the marketing push this time round. But we (as we keep getting reminded) are not the press.

I'm pretty happy that people are being more punchy - this guy for example, talking about Opera's choice for "mascot". Interestingly he's using Yahoo's new 360° boggling service. Personally I think the new marketing campaign is overall pretty good - the "mascot" is a bit camp, but not necessarily in a bad way. And if nothing else, it reinforces their "message" - Speed, Security, Simplicity. Like a mantra, over and over.

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