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March 10, 2005

Billie's Pregnant, Stop Being Such a Lez - John Stewart and Momma Stewart

I swear it's really not just my imagination, Billie does look downright chunky in Dr. Who. Pregnancy rumours may now commence. And yes, it only makes her more fetching (you knew that was coming, surely).

It occurs to me that I've never really written about the Daily Show with John Stewart, which I've been watching ever since it's become so religiously uploaded, and really since the election coverage. I find it easy watching first thing in the morning, not something I have to consider watching or not - so like I said, easy.

Also it's mercifully short, which other late night shows aren't terribly, which probably why I don't have an archive of Conan - also he's not as assiduously torrented. Regardless, Daily Show is endlessly funny, despite being a bit strained at time - they do take the easy route, but I can believe it when they say it's mostly about finding the funny. It's not unproblematic, but I think the key word, which is why I'm now repeating it again - show = easy.

I've been noticing this actress called Jane Lynch recently, who does rather good things for the shows that she's on. She's currently on L Word as Bette's (or is it Tina's - yes, Tina - hot pregnant one from Angel) divorce lawyer, which is going somewhere so obvious with the uber-assertive thing. But anyway she's really good in her roles, especially as the psychiatrist towards the end of 1st season 2.5 Men - it's all in her surprisingly leg length film/tv-ography as provided above.

I wonder at the L Word using Lesbian stereotypes, ie she's being such a lesbian, that's so lez etc. I suppose that's where comedy comes from, I'm just wondering if it isn't also meant to be politically progressive in that rather roundabout way queer things can be.

Did Billie get divorced? So it's either pregnancy (the fun kind) or it's the aftermath of too much ice-cream and sympathy? More as I find more dish to filth. Apparently they split up about a year ago - I'm sure I must have known, and just forgotten or something. Ah well.

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