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May 20, 2005

Bleatney Looks Like She's Shooting Porn

Ok, that was a bit harsh, but what's the fun in having a name if people can't make fun of it in some way. And yes, the whole handheld things is very gonzo, but not annoyingly so. I think you have to fight the urge to read it all as being "real" - and the picture they obviously want to paint of Bristina as being "People Like Uz". And yes it does come across as making things out a bit sad and bereft. Not really quite as funny as Newlyweds, which I'd suppose to be the benchmark. Well at least this has a vital ingredients, big star (/to be) and washed up nobody husband. The asking of questions is interesting. And you wonder at the smacking of manipulative attention-sook and pathos.

Other titles could have included Bitch-ney POV. And he's got all the hallmarks of "man" - in that he looks like a dick.

I had to get it off filelist, since everyone else was bleating about how there aren't propers out.

An interventionist god.

I don't answer stupid questions. People who don't know anything ask questions that so lack the will towards conviction.

Not entirely unaware.

It's nice that it happened, in what looks appears to be Manchester. So that's why they call it pathetic fallacy, which is not exact. Man-Whore. Don't Know Much.

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