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March 31, 2005

Brideshead - the House of Blind Justice Sticks

There's always something special about watching the beginning of Brideshead. I think I don't even quite remember the novel quite as well as I do the series. Regardless, it does well, as far as I'm concerned, or at least I think so, watching the beginning again. It's now available where you'd expect it to be, or not. But regardless, here.

I wish I could talk about them at length every week, but I like Blind Justice and House. House in particular of course, but Blind Justice is doing well, and as always, I'm even more well corrected into liking Rena Sofer. So it's only with peroxo-boy that striking looks gets in the way of talent. I really need to do a real search for some talent when it comes to making up titles.

Oh, and Life on a Stick is still a bit too gaggy, but all in all still pretty funny, sticking with it.

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