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March 9, 2005

I Am Not A Blog

Breaking news everyone, apparently, I, subtitles, am not a blog. Well yes I do refer to myself as a bog, or the act of me as boggling, but now I've heard it from a higher power. The almighty BlogExplosion. This is what I sent back to them, what they sent me is below:

Below is the mail you sent me telling me my blog is "not a blog". Well, it uses Movable Type, and the top post is the latest, so I don't see what you're going on about. If the top few posts were there mocking your service, well, that's not unearned now is it? Kindly look at my not-blog again and get your editors to stop smoking crack on the job.

This was what I recieved from you:

Your site was denied for not being a blog. We only allow blogs or
blog related services to be added to blogexplosion.

Site reviewed:

BlogExplosion Team

This is the link to my trouble ticket. So what? Even when they cut and paste their responses they can't type properly? Sincerely is spelt with and 'e' (well, more than one). I get the feeling they were right, and BlogClicker *is* better.

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