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January 30, 2003

Don't really feel like doing

Don't really feel like doing writing for my essay, and don't feel like reading so I shall blog. I like to think of this as a kind of disgesting of information, because I've sort of made a kind of breakthrough in my essay, and want to let it work around in my unconscious for awhile.

I'm also listening to CNET radio as well, which is my version of jogging, since it keeps me from thinking too much.

Still wondering whether or not I'll be flying to Chicago. I've actually scribbled about 13 pages of stuff for my essay, but just wonder how much I will be able to use while reshaping my arguments. Might go well. If I do fly over, I'll be bound to do a precies for Matt for him to comment on. I'll probably have to ask him whether I could bounce ideas off him during easter for Aeneas to Arthur, since I'll probably want to work on Kafka during reading week, while editing my Norse essay.

Feeling guilty about not replying to Karen so might go and do that now. Yeah well, not the most fantastic mail, but at least I replied :).

Was actually really looking forward to BuffyRadio this week, but they had "technical difficulties" so there was no show despite a rather annoying teaser.

Realise I've been a bit harsh on Opera, but really, their idea of a gold release really lacks quite a bit of polish. Fair enough to get it out the door, and reviewers are nice enough not to be bitchy about an underdog (or they just don't know) and I suspect most don't know/care about the user complaints about the new browser. Am thinking of starting a website/blogsite, something like "saveoperasdi" or something like that. Maybe it'd convince Opera to get their act together. Must admit though, in the final the speed it quite noticeably better, both with page loads and scrolling.

Oh, had lovely kebab just now, which I still have to pay Delwyn for, and we ordered ice-cream, Haagen Daz Belgian Chocolate which really hit the spot. Seriously thinking about just having a beer and going to sleep so I can be in the mood to work tomorrow. Will probably procrastinate getting my NUS card/tickets done.

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