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February 7, 2003

Fuck me it can get

Fuck me it can get cold here. It's better today, but yesterday was pretty miserable. Thing is the washing machines downstairs are broken as well, so I haven't been able to do my promised laundry. Downloading Firefly and Enterprise has been going well, most of it is on disc already. Made a copy of Valmont for Sulin, shall have to find a way to get it to her. Must remember to send off transcript for U Chicago. Migration to Outlook is going well, and it's making using Yahoo bearable despite the spam. And when I stop using the York imap account I should have less pop up warnings. Seem to feel less like writing here. Not been doing work, just been fiddling with the comp. Might try using the http tunneling thing when I get back to york. Hope it doesn't get me banned. Pleasantly surprised that my old Iomega CD-writer is doing so much better than my brother would like to think. It's even overburning properly which is pretty cool. Might actually end up using the 150 stack of CD-R's.

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