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February 1, 2003

I wonder whether Woody Allen

I wonder whether Woody Allen really meant it when his character said that "comedy, is tragedy plus time". A space shuttle just failed to land, it probably scattered all over texas. I don't suppose I have any particular attachment to the shuttle or anything to do with space, but I'm still sentimental, and I just woke up to discover this. An article can be found here. I go to two places when I'm looking for news, Yahoo, and Google.

I really like Crimes and Misdemeanours, which where the quote above came from. Always sort of appreciated his homage to Bergman in everything he did, until I realised what a joke it was. I wonder if the Holy Grail titles are meant to be a joke on that. But yes that quote, even though it's associated with a figure of scorn in the film, has always sort of stuck with me. I'm just thinking of the X-Files episodes that dealt with the Challenger shuttles from earlier on, and how that must have been recieved. George Harrison is still dead.

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