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May 18, 2005

*Evil* Mia Kirshner

24 is really starting to epitomise the quote, that thankfully I managed to find on Yahoo - "You call this a coronation? I call it bad comedy." But the presence of *sinister* Mia Kirshner, after her camped out depravity on the L Word makes her look aged. And Trey is on 24, who would have thought? And how what the hell is wrong with them that they decided to be so very wrong and so very what were they thinking.

Both 24 and Alias are *so* on my list. But she makes a very cute terrorist mercenary, as I think is the point. I wonder if Daisy Adair will ever re-appear. I can't believe I missed that many episodes of 2.5 Men, silly btefnet. And oh my, now they're pulling out before they spurt 101 all over the screen. Probably the will they/won't they of violence-enabled melodrama.

Really, the pure tonnage of people getting finagled into coming here via Google is oxen stunning. Oh, and one friendly person signed up for my tracker, hoorah.

You shot a 6 year old.

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