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August 27, 2003

Emergency Mahjong

30th of August is when I must play mahjong. Clarissa and Delwyn will be there. Emen, what the fuck do you have on that you're so god-damn busy. Anything less than getting laid is not good enough. It's not like I didn't ask early enough.

So would Su-lin like to play mahjong? (I promise we'll actually play as much bridge as Su-lin's little heart desires, which I'd be rather intent on myself anyway)

Anyone? Peishan too busy? God damn it what's more important than me coming back and mahjong? (please restrain yourselves from answering that)

I know my sister-in-law reads this, though I suppose marital bliss is excuse enough?

I'll promise to be no end of charming (read: sullen and tired) and I'll bring lovely duty free wine...

Screw you guys... home.

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