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March 5, 2005

All friends shall taste/ The wages of their virtue, and all foes/ The cup of their deservings.

Okay, let's just make this clear - I consider, and have from the beginning, considered myself as a diarist, and was concerned that this endeavour serve that purpose. If I hear another thing about the political significance of whiny partisans, I'm going to stab myself. The reason I don't have an "issue" bog or don't use it to boggle about something in particular like technology or boggling itself, is because that would be, to me, contrary to the purpose of this as I set it out. I'm not hearkening back to some pure idea of what boggling should be, I'm talking about my conception of it. It's about the person and the ideas, and the way that they intersect.

Sure there are many other uses - they collate information - collectively so; but content management systems have been doing that for a while now, esp things like Neowin, or even Slashdot for that matter. Actually one of the channels I do sort of approve of it for is as corporate communication with its customers. Yes, it's always nice to be able to interact with a human face rather than a corporate website, but that makes sense to me, to individualise the notion of the corporation - as long as it is sincere in its desire to communicate and allow discussion. A certain amount of chatter is always good.

But especially because these bogs are about humanising the thing by showing the people, it is imperative that long technical posts that reveal aspects and justifications of things that you work on be accompanied by personal posts - about the things around you and your thoughts and interests. It's not a thing about at thing, it's a thing about a person. The example I found here, it pointed to here. Then scroll up and read the post after.

Journalism blah.

Now people who do this as vanity work - I really do like that episode of Buffy with Michelle Trachtenberg writing into her diary (Real Me) - but mostly because it's a caricature of what that kind of writing is. At a certain age, that seems to transform into pretentious twaddle. Which is fine as long as you move on. But really, some of the face tilting towards the sun is insufferable in the extreme.


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