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March 8, 2005


My aversion to watching films is getting a bit pathological. allaboardgloria@aol.com Well aren't you a good sport.

I'm wondering what buttons to tack at the bottom of the individual pages, but I'm starting to lean towards none. But with no ring tones, what *will* I do. Last thing you want is to wind up with a hump. At least when the formatting fucks up in Opera with the LiveMessage frame, it's easy to break out. Ok, I take it back - someone in Norway just bought a ring tone!! How sad is my pathetic excitement.

I tell you one thing, I am *not* paying for dinner. Great - you broke him. Yes, we get it, Pavlov's Bar.

I have the sudden urge to webcam. I'm also wondering if certain sex sites are linking to me, since I keep getting referrals off them. Someone signed me up? They hacked into my super-sexy webcam? Can't quite get an inkling of what that's about, so I've decided to ignore it - I'm sure all I get are horny disappointed people. I get the feeling though, that somehow my stats are being spammed - god knows how - as my old bog is full of referrers from poker sites.

Holland Taylor does the tartness just right.

Abrupt skip to a few seconds of Dr Who, where you realise Billie has learnt that being rich-married means you don't have to be aspiringly svelte any more.

Krista Allen is pretty okay in 2.5 Men - manages to be pretty straight/funny. Very commited - and the slitty eye thing was good.

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