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February 12, 2003

I've moved back to Internet

I've moved back to Internet Explorer. Thanks to Meaya's Popup Ad Filter the experience had been quite good. It's trialware but if you visit this lovely site you'll find a way to get around that. I've only really bought software online once, and that was audiocatalyst back when I was ripping my entire CD collection. Regreted it then and still think it was a waste of cash. Despite the return of some old annoyances with IE the transition has actually been a rather pleasant one, so I'll be sticking with this for awhile. I even got google working through the address bar (instructions can be found in the midst of this page), which is so much better than the clutter of the google toolbar. Am quite annoyed with all the localisation crap that's foisted on you when you set your country/region in Windows. Pretty annoying that you can't change it without changing language and location settings.

Don't feel like writing. Hope I manage to download Bang and Blame from Kazaa.

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