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April 9, 2005

The Hand Slid Up - Pleasureland

Pleasureland was particularly good - I'm always a bit stuck in saying nice things, and doing other than stating the opinion, the expansion on which is not empirical, or I suppose I mean consititutive. I'm not surprised it won the awards it did, it really is that good. Katie Lyons looks fantastically like Anna Paquin, which helps. I'm just surprised there hasn't been more from the various players. Jane Featherstone seems to have been the hand slid up a number of things.

You can have a look at Pleasureland mentioned on the Kudos site - Kudos is the production company that did Spooks. I'm really quite unable to get over how much I was, and am, drawn to the film now. Perhaps more so than The Tribe, since I've seen as much of Poliakoff before. Makes me wonder if I should have a look at him, especially with Clocking Off and then North and South - perhaps his short. I get the feeling he does well with young children. Makes you remember that what is wrong is not the thing, but the asshole doing it.

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