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March 2, 2005


Aspiration. The footage of Christa Miller's wedding is incredibly moving. Easily one of the most moving sections I've seen on Scrubs. And I suppose all the move ambivalent for the fact that it occurs in the context of Cox's divorce. It is very very loving footage of her I must say.

Early Scrubs feels a bit anomalous, when either they hadn't quite found their way yet, or they were being made to do things a particular way, or they had yet to be made. It isn't till about 5 episodes in that it starts to feel like it would come to feel. Back then they probably felt they had to deal with the big stuff, which is a pity really.

It suddenly occurs to me, I never annotated that I thought Secretary was the most convincingly romantic film I had ever seen when I saw it - whenever that was.

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