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February 1, 2003

More people in need to

More people in need to being lampooned, poet laureates' my ass. Not to say that the Bush administration is any better, "believes it would be inappropriate to turn a literary event into a political forum" as if it could be anything else... But I suppose here is where I wear my hypocrite hat and say, people who study the "humanities" should know better (at least better than politicians, but that's still me as hypocrite), ''I think there was a general feeling that the current administration is not really a friend of the poetic community and that its program of attacking Iraq is contrary to the humanitarian position that is at the center of the poetic impulse''. Humanitarian position my ass. Whose poetry have you been reading fuck-head? To be honest, with the Bush admin, it's almost par for the course, but for this so called "poet laureate" to assert something like that is just irresponsible. You have your own political views, great, attributing it to the "poetic impulse" is (not to put too fine a point on it) wrong. Listening to Spong talk about his own personal fuck-head in his seminar group makes me all the less kindly to that kind of faffy-ness. Thank god for Cari. Not that I think she'd particularly agree with me, but at least I know she's not talking out her ass.

Whinging is hungry making work. But then so are so-called "self-conscious" detractions. Party to my own object of scorn. Blah.

Don't think I quite appreciate as much as I should the subtlety of that season premiere of the Soprano's that dealt with the Twin Towers is such an oblique manner, very much in the manner of collecting responses in the lives that are in so many ways untouched by what happened. Addressing a political event head on in a literary work I suppose is fine (see bottom of article), whatever, but then what differentiates it from the limp polemicism of a political diatribe: which is what these inevitably end up being - if only because their aesthetic becomes contaminated by the directness of their representation.

And those idiots on the West Wing, basically caving in after what happened, saying "we're just actors - we know nothing of politics". Entirely contrary to their artistic (or at least Aaron Sorkin's) agenda up to that point. If you're caving in because you believe your own rhetoric about force and the protection of you citizenry by force, say so, don't dress it up in being coy about your own impulses, however unpopular they are in your milieu.

Like I said, fuck-heads. Bunch of related articles can be found here.

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