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March 10, 2005

Mahjong and Monitors, Suede and dEUS

I think I know what I'll be playing in the background the next time there's a bridge game at my place. And I know that I've not gone out for weeks and many many weeks, but that's because I'm focused on not thinking, is what I'm thinking. Maybe it would do me good, but I think at least at the moment, that would require too much moral support. Mahjong and monitors will have to wait.

The Suede videos I want because of the first disc, the early stuff before they got rid of the good guitarist, apparently the videos are to be mocked, I don't think I'd actually recognise them except for Animal Nitrate anyway. dEUS is more promising in that respect, and I don't think I've even ever seen the videos in question, except maybe the dancing one that came later. What I'd really love is to get that live set of them on MTV - I can't even remember the show now, it featured a bunch of great alternative bands of the period doing rather raw live shows - if someone could illuminate me.

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