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March 9, 2005

Chica Vampire Piper Mugsy Ward

Is it Vampire Sperm? So yes, not a bad Gilmore Girls at all this week. Someone decided they were funny again - oh and Lorelei is particularly fetching in the new dress, and her yelling at Emily is always a crowd-pleaser - though you always wish she could swear and kick.

I still can't seem to get myself to watch Deadwood, I think it's just the anticipation of all the drama that's putting me off. Tried 24 just now, but couldn't do it - it's now on the radio. Much buzz about the leaked Dr. Who, I wonder if it's worth watching, pudgy Billie and all. Not that I think she's in any way unattractive pudgy, but it's just not typical. Though really it could just be that I'm not used to her already normally quite wide face-shape.

I know she's Mugsy no. 2 on 24 right now, but having seen her on Boomtown makes me want to look at Lana Parrilla with new eyes on the show. I'm now a bit lost without an immediate show to goto, I'm thinking the Megan Ward episodes of Sports Night, but I'm wondering whether that's entirely healthy.

I suspect she might have been coming off pregnancy in those episodes, but obviously I have no insight beyond speculation. I'm pretty sure downloading Dark Skies would be at least something of a mistake. But apparently I'm going to do it anyway. I must have forgotten that Sans Un Trace's Bob Saget was in that too.

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