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February 25, 2005

Christina Ricci, Elsie Snuffin, like throwing a stick

Christina Ricci really is rather fetching, and Triumph is always hilarious. I dug in and decided to delete whatever Desperate Housewives I had - I will no longer be an enabler. Jack and Bobby just isn't any fun without Missy, and the whole war crimes thing was just annoying. Elsie Snuffin appeared though, which was fun - just a completely unrewarding role. I've already said West Wing is fantastic, but it bears repeating - I get the feeling it's one of the few genuinely grown up shows on TV. I wonder if I'll ever get around to watching Unscripted.

Good thing about having my notebook next to my bed now is that I can ignore even more television. I'm now going to delete Cambridge Spies. Or not. This is why I'm drowning in discs.

I now remember why I started downloading it to begin with, because Anna-Louise Plowman is in it, who is endlessly fetching. It makes me actually want to consider downloading Stargate SG-1. I still think My Life in Film is pretty worthy, if only for that first episode with her in it. She's married to the guy who was in Perfect Strangers.

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