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February 7, 2003

What is my fixation with

What is my fixation with women? I've just been watching what might be called a "Hoshi" episode of Enterprise, basically focusing on Hoshi. I was fixated and squealing all the way through it. *sigh*. Hoshi had her inaugural shower scene... got to wear revealing gym gear for alot of it, and managed to let her hair fall for most of it. I suppose what was also so interesting about it was the fact that the episode was also a Pincher Maritn rip, where Hoshi experienced a couple of days in the 8 seconds she was caught in the pattern buffer of the transporter. Curious all these coincidences creating a web of signs around us.

Still not working, just feel so relaxed and away from it all, I just want to mong my life away. But yes, Hoshi. Mmmmmm...

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