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January 31, 2003

Well my eyes didn't pop

Well my eyes didn't pop out, but I played bridge, and didn't write my essay. I'm feeling sort of better today, but wish I hadn't had that beer last night. I think it's a sure sign that it's about time to stop this habit.

Just did one of my monster washing up throes. Wish there was more to do online. Anyone got any suggestions about where to visit? Can't decide whether I should just take it easy for another day. I just feel as if I'm on the threshold of being remarkably creative, but I'm just not quite there yet. Wondering if Richard Walsh will take it amiss if I shut up during seminar. The rest hardly say jack anyway. Motherfuckers.

Terry, as always, was rather gratifying to talk to last night if only for a while. Not as boring as he could be :). Spong was supposed to be coming last night, but due to the excess of snow, he wasn't supposed to get here till 8 in the morning, spending the entire time in train stations. Poor guy. Probably sleeping it off now. Will be having dinner with him and the bunch of people at Maxi's later, a kind of reunion dinner for those not invited to Manchester by Lewis.

Supergrass rock. Make me feel like growing sideburns. Freaky huh? (Oh, Karen, if you're reading this and want the later albums, and can provide me somewhere to upload them...)

Well if anything makes me feel better, at least my Vanessa fixation isn't so pronouced as previous ones have been, which makes me feel better. All this obviously after being so bizarrely chatty during last term's Leeds trip. Less said the better. She and Emen look interesting together, and Dion would do quite well to get together with her. Again this is probably just me projecting. Yeah, Emen's so not going to read this. Neither Spong nor Edel for that matter. Actually no one who actually lives with me and has the danger of being continually reported/commented on. And I've not really been elbowing my way to talk to American girl with funny name in seminar...

Love the supergrass drummer. Magic.

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