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February 24, 2003

Someone or somehow, my stuff

Someone or somehow, my stuff has been clear out of the kitchen spaces and the place actually looks tidy. Iím sure I have Emen to thank, if not the whole bunch of them. I should feel angry like I did last night, because it really isnít anybodyís buisness and I would have confronted rather than given in. The fact that they didnít let me has me a bit ashamed and a bit grateful, though in a way that doesnít want me to show my face.

Iím writing this on Word because bloggerís down for maintenance.

Started smoking again and it really was the boost I needed to send of Richardís e-mail. Throat is sore and I havenít had a proper meal in days. Canít even bring myself to go into the kitchen to experience my shame.

Itís nice having non-Lit friends. Though we might have been stretching for conversation at points it was nice being with Clarissa. Missed talking about the film, but then I could do that with anyone I suppose.

Turned out it was Terry who did the moving. Wonder what to think about that.


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