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February 3, 2003

Been very involved in my

Been very involved in my campaign to save SDI in Opera, hence the lack of updates for all of a day... I've started a blog for it, which you can find here. Quite exciting that I got mentioned by the Inquirer, even though they slanted the story to the extent of getting it wrong, but they sort of fixed it, and it's pushing a bunch of traffic to my thread on the forums. The link to the Inq can be found in my other blog, as can the links to the forums and my petition.

A bit disappointed that none of the other news sites has picked up the story. Pity really, but at least the Inquirer was quite a coup.

The change of reading by Richard was quite good, even though it deals much more with the text than with film/media. Very incisive on Kafka, ripe for me to rip apart. Really starting to see similarities with the Trial and Passing. Norse essay is in a state of being optimistic, though I'll have to wait till I'm in Chicago to really work on it more.

Thinking of food.

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