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March 9, 2005

An Old Flame With a New Wick

It probably says something that Teri Hatcher was so much better in 2.5 men than she was on DP (I'm now referring to it in the past tense, and not mentioning the name in case I summon it and it eats me). And she looks so dolled up - they must have particular template for slutty over there - she's very much like Prudence, who was otherwise on the Help. I wonder if she's any good on Hope and Faith. Oh, and if anyone ever gets a hold of Run of the House, I'd be ever so grateful. I suppose there is something presumptuous about titles that refer to content - like the Wire and 2.5 Men, and subtitles himself, but it's sort of fun anyway. And it helps when you're *that* good. In high school, the word was 'hello'. It was a circus.

And there it is - Miaow-fe-chuh: My Doctor has a Cow Puppet.

I got a random person with a comment today, how gratifying. It was for the thing on Google.

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