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February 19, 2003

A bit annoyed that I'm

A bit annoyed that I'm playing shuttlecocks with browsers but I'm back with Opera for a while. Anyway I've just been watching Roswell for the past couple of hours and inevitably after watching a series and having convulsions of the soul for the entirety of the night, I'm in that sentimental place again. Watched the 2nd season Christmas Nazi episode which was particularly moving I thought, the second and third seasons really look substantially better than the first, at least from the episodes I've got. I'm also quite enamoured by the new Kid Rock/Sheryl Crow song, Picture, which can be found on Rollingstone.com - use the Quicktime broadband stream if you can the quality is so much better than WMP for this file for whatever reason.

Bumped into Judith today while walking with Johnny, will try to post the e-mail I send her which will inevitably be one of those :P.

Becoming quite interested in Jonathan Frakes now because he executive produced Roswell. He must have a particular vision to back something like that. Can't say I think too much the Star Trek movies, maybe he should leave the directing to someone else... But he did great cameo's though, in Roswell. I got my episodes of Kazaa - there's a new version of Kazaalite K++ edition - if you don't know what that means it's just the best client for Kazaa around and can be found here. I've been using as my episode reference this page.

Must explain about "marks consciousness".

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