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February 1, 2003

Bizarre night last night. Had

Bizarre night last night. Had the Chinese New Year dinner thing with Edel and posse. It was okay, nothing special. Fish was nice. Came back, played bridge with Spong, Edel and Clarissa. After which the weirdness sets in.

I'm being judgemental but you know, hello, it's me. Went over to one of the Hickleton houses where it was a bunch of Malaysians and Chinese nationals. Hoping to play tai ti, since Lisa was there. They broke into groups and had a snowball fight. They attempted to organise themselves into groups beforehand. Okay fine, for a lot of them it was their first time seeing snow etc. but the quality of their playing was just quite different from the people in my house. I suppose I'm just being grouchy and sour in my old age. Getting pelted with snow and being wet and cold is not quite as fun as a nice round of bridge. I should get green fur and a trashcan. Worm for a friend. I suppose all that was okay, but after that they decided to have more organised fun. I really can't help but think of them as being... I suppose provincial is the best way of putting it. Garg. Won't say it wasn't amusing, but well.

On a more significant note, listening to Belly now, which is always good. It's a pity they broke up. I suppose I should try listening to a Tanya Donelly album, just afraid it'll be too slow and draggy I suppose, without the rest of the band. I actually like King, probably grown on me better than Star has aged. Suppose it's about time I bought Pixies albums. Going to watch the Mary Luckhurst comedy revue thing, sounds like fun.

Almost forgot to mention, I suppose what really annoyed me (which I admit was still an amused kind of annoyance) was the fuck-head who was organising the whole thing - he seemed nice and all, think his name was Matthew. He seemed to look askance at my rather reasonable and I would think pleasant enough demurring to join them in the snow. He also made rather throw-away comments about Singaporeans in general. Apparently he studied in S'pore in secondary school. Can't say I could tell. I suppose the best vengeance I could wreak upon him would be the fact that when I was in his room to put my coat and fuck around while they were in the snow, I couldn't help but notice the rather earnest and militant sounding christian rock being belted out from his CD player. Fuck-head. And he had a Matrix screen-saver. Smiting him would just be too kind.

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