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April 22, 2005

You Do Realise You're Boggling About an Opera Press Release, Right?

That's sort of what pisses me off about certain kinds of bogglers - they can end up being annoyingly like new aggregators. Now, Louis is very inclusive or human behaviour - far be it from me to legislate boggling - but I'm sorry, even *paid* (or in this case "incentivised") boggling shouldn't be like this. To be fair, I haven't read the posts by the other right honourables, but with the headlines they have - I'm not exactly optimistic.

First, they should feel a bit manipulated that so many of them are regurgitations of a press release - and really, I don't think that should be what Opera's marketing people want. What you want is buzz, true, and breadth of coverage, but why "your" bogglers are important to you is their willingness to use their credibility to talk objectively about your product.

Somewhere somehow, this boggler has a kind of bully pulpit and he/she's availing him/herself of it for your cause. Having them spout your press releases is counter-productive - that's what news aggregators are for (Slashdot, Inq, news outlets in general). Bogglers - if I may be so bold - are meant to be authoritative consumers who are able to sway their friends and readers; they are opinion makers and shapers, not just means of dissemination. I suppose there's something clever to be said about Fox News' CEO talking about the seperation of news and opinion.

In that sense I suppose, I'm just thinking that the CEO story is a funny news story, rather than a story I should write about other than as a process story (as I have).

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