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February 4, 2003

Turns out that I didn't

Turns out that I didn't actually waste money on my flight by ordering from BMI. Hope it goes okay, wonder if I'll have to go to ticketing before checking in. The ticket from BMI was just 249 while NYS was doing it for a about 290, though they probably could have offered me another flight for less. It's just that SIA is also Star Alliance which is nice. Along with United.

I got a 70 for my 1900-1950's. Woo fucking hoo. As I've heard Jared having said, a first is a first. Just wondering which of the other people in that group got the other 3 (significantly higher) firsts. Angela I think I can understand, but off the top of my head I can't really remember who else would have done well from that seminar. Probably no one particularly good looking. Well there was the stoner dude and that guy who used to smoke with me that I can remember. The latter probably did well. But yeah no one quite the level of radiating sex as Canadian girl (as I discovered today) in Fiction and Narrative. It must be the whole thing with the sort of tousled hair and sort of blank look.

Was just telling Johnny how well we've been trained by now not to waffle in seminar. Richard is an effective guy at whipping people into shape. I must say I was suitably impressed by the clarity and brevity of what people were talking about today. But it was generally a more congenial seminar anyway since talking about media isn't really our "thing". "Where is my mind?" Love the whole thing about Fight Club, and talking about my Star Wars novel with a soundtrack, pity I didn't bring up things like computer games. Was just generally in a good mood anyway after getting my results. And Richard seemed in a good mood as well. I suppose if I was being charitable about him and that woman, she must be the object of nostalgia all that faffy nonsense she goes on about - she's not really been picked on by him, and hence still seems to go on a bit. Smack my bitch up, that's what I say.

Quite proud of having done so much stuff today, even got my NUS card. Bought a nice copy of the Economist for light reading on the plane :). Been having delusions of e-mailing Judith Woolf, but think I've calmed down since. Edel's not handed in her essay yet, but I suppose she's not as annoying in sending Mary e-mails as I am wont to be. Feel bad about telling her about it. Resolve to e-mail Cari. Looking forward to Buffyradio tomorrow when I get to Chicago. Hope the set up of the LAN and the router doesn't cause problems. Got to start moving all my porn off the computer there to download Firefly, hopefully some Enterprise as well. Remember to bring back CDR's (should ask Michel if he wants some), Michelle Branch CD, Vanessa Carlton, various CD's, DVD's etc. Wonder if I should bother bringing stuff over from here. Probably not, will most likely just stuff dirty laundry to pad my books and papers. All this is sort of pointless anyway since I hardly read over my blog entries anyway. I'd hate to have to edit all of this stuff.

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