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March 15, 2005

Lesbians on a Sunday

Mia Kirshner looks nice being coy. She's less annoying this season, allowed to be more vulnerable and happy - so as to be an attractive draw for the show - no doubt that explains the bare breasted shot of her in the credits.

On a mildly related note, Dion sent me a bunch of pictures of the Nikon Booth Babes from the IT show, which makes me feel so much like a dirty old man - unabatingly lubricious.

Don't look, it's naughty.

I was saying that not since the Wire was on, have my sundays' downloading been so active - Deadwood, L Word, Simpsons, Arrested Development. I wonder if it's all just a response to the fact that DP has revealed the untapped potential of Sundays? I'm trying to think of a show to keep people from watching Arrested Development. Not that it's as bad as DP, by any means, I still watching if there's nothing left, but it's flawed in a bad way, and it's also annoying in a bad way. So I came up with Scrubs, Daily Show, and 2.5 Men - the good ones are good, much better than Arrested Development which really, just isn't visceral enough.

Lilac wine, is sweet, and heady, like my love...

Oh well, I'm putting it down to Mia Kirshner was just ill-used in the last season, because she's really good in this one - especially her getting her hair cut - incredibly lovely.

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