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July 16, 2003

My Stuff Came

It seems I probably had the books I wanted to quote from when I was in York, or at least The Maltese Falcon. My stuff just arrived, together with my RAM. Haven't found The Rules of Attraction yet, but I'm sure it's somewhere, just hope it isn't Singapore.

The section I'm using from The Maltese Falcon is longer than I thought, and I'll finish typing the lot in later. I considered putting it on a seperate page, but it's important enough to put on the main site page - though when I fine Rules of Attraction, that quote will probably go first.

I must say that the Pixies rock big time, and my 4.1 speakers are quite a godsend in that respect. I actually downloaded Hotel Paper off Kazaa just to the the mp3s, since the Ogg files weren't using the 2 rear speakers. Then again it could just have been Winamp 2.

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