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March 10, 2005

Not As Good As Puppet Angel - Talia Balsam

I suppose it's just because I've never watched the previous series of Dr. Who, but oh my god it's a cheap-ass show. Puppet Angel was *so* much more fun, not to mention more convincing. Even invisible fighting would be that bit better.

Can't seem to find Canterbury Tales (the one with Billie in it) online, I'm sure it'll turn up eventually or something. Sorry to anyone who was expecting me to follow through on ripping Murder One, I'm just useless like that.

Oh, and someone else who's been catching my attention recently is Talia Balsam, who aside from having been married to George Clooney at one point (by the way, Blind Justice guy used to be Juliana Marguiles' beau at one point), she's plays Anthony LaPaglia's wife/ex in Without a Trace, where she has been remarked upon as being very earth mother - like she's very nurturing. K-Street has her as rather a different character that uses her physicality in a similar way, but this time to emphasize her sexual appetite for Mary McCormack. Interesting evolution of roles, and pretty effective actress in them. She's now married to John Slattery who's now on Jack and Bobby.

I'm still quite convinced by my talking about the inability to see the central figure in Blind Justice, if only because being blind, he does not interact as people normally would, he doesn't look at people, and people don't really look at him - and he always gives the impression of sensing, so you look around rather than at him. So you look but you don't see. Aren't I just clever. And I've just been thinking, that there's a case to be made for the show, or at least the pilot, being at least in part preoccupied with circumvention - making the scene where he walks around the furniture in the station house all the more interesting.

And I just felt the need to say it but not necessarily to put it in a seperate post: Louis doesn't do weddings, whatever my interest in Laura Nyro.

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