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March 21, 2005

Fiona Apple - Extraordinary Machine Released Now Online - Get It Here

There will be no proselytizing here, it'd be just too silly to say too much, go find a news service worth a damn and read it. Get it here - live torrent link - ed2k link - another ed2k link. None of these are verified yet, I'll correct the post as necessary.

I'm ashamed by the fact that apparently it leaked since the beginning of the month, so I'm just another johnny-come-lately, but whatever. The torrent file is intact, but the sound quality isn't spectacular, I'm wondering if the donkey links are better. I'm now wondering how I missed this on isohunt. Ok, the second ed2k link completed, and the sound quality is *much* better - it's all in 192kbs.

After getting all of them, you'll realise that the second ed2k link is the best - the torrent is awful, the first link is of variable quality, the second has them all at 192. The "bonus" track with the first ed2k is just the alt mix of Better Version of Me - not worth it, though get both, since, well, it's free.

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