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June 27, 2003


I'm feeling pretty shitty now after a night of packing, and I've just been looking at websites about speeding in the UK. The good news is that if indeed I got snapped, then all Dion has to do is state that he was not the driver, and that it was me driving. I just wonder what they'll do when the discover I'm not a UK citizen...

I'll probably ask Dion to give my Singapore address and we'll just see what happens. But the speeding laws really do look fucking draconian. Fine there were speed camera signs all over the place, but... I just suspect that because I was going to overtake someone, that my speed might well have been rather high, which would mean a larger fine/more points. Not that it really matters about the points, since I won't be driving in the UK anytime soon. Bastards.

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