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March 9, 2005

Mariah's New Video - It's Like That

It's nice to have a Mariah single out - not exactly like Christmas, but it's fun. The video isn't bad - she looks good in it, though my only complaint is that excessively straightened hair isn't exactly the way I'd go. Very flattering shots of her though. This is what i got, there's another version I saw, but the quality's not quite as nice.

Mariah_Carey_-_It's_Like_That SVCD (tulare).mpg

If you want, I also saw a bunch of Making The Video bits floating about, so that might be fun for you, I'm just not that in to the process as I would have been. It's in SVCD, so if you're like me and your WMP keeps locking up - I advise you to play it in powerDVD or whatever DVD software you have. I also wonder where they're releasing all this - and where the torrents are - it's likely that video releasing has stuck to using ed2k, since with smaller files the wait isn't that much longer than with a torrent, especially when people are swarming.

Yeah, and also wanted to get rid of that god-awful banner at the top of the page.

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