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February 7, 2003

How fantastic to type this

How fantastic to type this in a space that's not 800x600. Listening to Michelle Branch now. Fantastic stuff, bought her unreleased first album, called Broken Bracelet and it's amazing. If anything it's more moving than Spirit Room. Got it from her personal website here. Got to e-mail her dad at the same time which is pretty cool.

Torn now about whether I'll eventually get an LCD or a CRT. The static image quality on Hiaw Khim's screen is fantastic depite it being a pretty cheap screen. Luckily no dead pixels that are glaringly noticable as well. And no adjusting for the image to fill up the screen. And I really don't use up that much screen real-estate. 1024x768 should be enough for me. But then if I want room to grow the 19 inch CRT's still a pretty good idea.

Shall succumb to watching Enterprise in a minute, but was really struck by what I suppose I'd call the parable of "Broken Bracelet" in Michelle Branch's album. She has a little story explaining the origin of the album name. Just the presentation of it, as a kind of parable, like the one in the Trial and the one in Hammett, was just so striking, like one of Wesley's "eureka" moments. ("He actually goes "Eureka"?"). Basically these inside stories which are meant to be some tantalising glimpse into meaning. Again I keep coming back to the Derrida thing about communication and the deferment of meaning. Guess I'm destined to be a bit more of a failed academic then.

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