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August 28, 2004

The Invisible Hand

I need friendly volunteers to give me feedback on an unfinished draft of my novel - e-mail me if you're interested. In a moment of weakness I'm going to say that anyone can apply - though depending on who you are I might be very strict as to the kind/amount of feedback I want - if you don't want to be offended by this, you can, well, fuck off.

Total strangers can apply, but I can't promise I'll be incredibly enthusiastic - you have to sound friendly and not be stupid. There's an e-mail link on the mail page of www.fallingbeam.org if you don't already know how to get at me.

There's an introduction that I'm working on now, and two chapters that I've just tweaked, and a third chapter that's being finished and a fourth that's in teeny tiny pieces.

I'm suddenly very taken with the idea of Leigh (AllisonLeigh from the MyOpera forums) reading this, so on the astronomical off-chance that you are, e-mail me, since I've lost your address.

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