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January 31, 2003

Still feeling depressed, have just

Still feeling depressed, have just been watching this rather good sitcom called "Grounded for Life". I don't think I quite appreciate watching TV and other media as much as I do when I'm unhappy.

Just on a side note, I think I'll be switching the way the blog is organised, so that the latest blog will be the top most, if not when I post past midnight things get a bit screwy.

Sort of feel better about myself about having started the SDI campaign, makes me feel useful. I think I quite like the idea of doing regular writing of some form, even though journalism hasn't always been my favorite thing.

Those crazy fuckers are outside making a shnowman now. Vanessa's with them. Vanessa's rather attractive. And she's never going to read this. Muahaha. She's this Hong Kong woman who's doing psychology or something, who has a rather pleasant international school sounding accent. I really must say my time in York has been an exercise in loneliness, the product of which has been relentless slews of crushes on the women around me. I don't want to make to direct a connection but I think at least something to do with it is that I've never really had a good female friend growing up, and the first female "friend" I've had has been Hiaw Khim. Using a romantic relationship as a template for having female friends is not something anyone would be comfortable with. I keep thinking women must get really freaky vibes from me. Again thankfully not many people read this. I really wish I didn't react in this way, because I really do like hanging out with women, it just makes me act like an idiot.

I really feel like playing bridge till my eyes pop out.

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