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March 10, 2005

Where's Heat When You Need It?

I'm finding right-click scroll rather useful in my quest to scam BlogClicker, something useful to do while trying to not watch too much of Dr. Who. I mean, Neverwhere can't have been that much more expensive, but it was hell of a lot better. Maybe they should bring back Greg Dyke, if only because he hated this crap.

Though really, I get the feeling I'm the one getting scammed - at a rate of 2 clicks to 1 view, it's sustainable (I suppose) but not terribly worth it for me yes/no? And really, who are these cocksuckers who keep getting impressions - don't tell me they actually paid to get on. Though this is pretty sad too. It's not actually pyramid selling, but I'm sure there's a name for it somewhere.

If only Billie could be on something worth a damn. She's supposed to start singing again, which might be fun. You just hope she doesn't stray that far. And yes I'm reminded that I don't read Heat anymore.

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