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February 5, 2003

Kazaa is a miraculous thing.

Kazaa is a miraculous thing. And so incidentally is massive amounts of storage - I'm getting quite a bit of mileage out of the 80 gig drive I got for the computer here. Must remember to make copy of Valmont for Sulin. Flight wasn't horrible, if a bit sick making. Had no trouble at immigration this time, seems as if they might have lightened up on entry by Singaporeans. Maybe not. They did seem to be breezing through people though. Didn't watch a single feature on the plane, which I suppose I've not done for a while. Got some sleep and read FHM and the Economist.

Setting up my network again was much less hassle than I thought it would be, hope the router doesn't flake on me again. Considering reinstalling a firewall on my notebook, probably Sygate. Migrated to Outlook, which is a bit bumpy, but overall not too annoying, if you don't consider having to rebuild my address book a setback. At least the yahoo filtered spam can be redirected more easily. Feeling quite tired. Should do my laundry tomorrow.

Gaby the giraffe is rather cute, but not quite in the way I remembered her from the shop window.

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