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May 4, 2005

ChooseOpera.com - I've Been Spamming For Bogglers (and you should be too)

ChooseOpera.com is the place where the Norwegian invasion of America is supposedly being planned. You might have seen an invitation for more people to join their group on MyOpera. If nothing else, the bog-standard Opera fanboy might be interested in their boilerplate sample e-mails for haranguing ISPs to offer Opera - which could well be adapted to harangue sites to support Opera. Anyway, it's all good, sounds like fun.

I've also been gratuitously leaving comments for the most prominent Opera Bogglers on Opera Journals, for them to come here and submit their feeds, since they're writing about Opera already. Also to the people at Opera University (well, sort of). Oh and to Tim Luoma, who does 30 Days... If you want, you can do us all a favour and find a way to convince them to just submit their feeds and plump up the numbers - especially since the numbers are already there, they're just not all showing up.

And if you know of anyone who writes about Opera, tell them to come by and pimp their site, maybe win a phone.

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