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April 7, 2005

The Tribe

What is it that Poliakoff does, that shrouds his actors in this swathe of gravitas - he just seems able to bring out of them what he does. Anna Friel makes me feel funny in my pants - and she's more successful than I ever thought her capable of. And Jeremy Northam seems to be yet another projection of the director. Joely Richardson I think I'm most surprised by, in many ways this is her Igby Goes Down, though I can't say I've seen enough of her to hate her like Jeff Goldblum. Anna Friel will have me looking out for her in GBH, and the coincidence of her being in a film called Perfect Strangers. And I'm getting Virtual Sexuality, which is probably where the ass who spoilt Spooks is so familiar from - which also has Laura Fraser, who - oh my god - was Door in Neverwhere: now available on DVD.

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