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March 5, 2005

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Obviously I feel a bit self-conscious about posting so many pictures, but I figure it's like having a little holiday from the pressures of endless text. It seems a 450 pixel width thumbnail (loosely called) is the just right dimension so that things at least look okay on 800x600.

Eugene flaked, but so far at least Su-lin, Dion and Zhi-Xian are coming, which is probably about right - though if Delwyn were here it would more justify the platter proposition. Thus the first Curry Night. I'm thinking Muthu's Curry would be the next on the list.

I'm very tempted now to post that picture of Prudence, but I figure that I should do it when there are fewer pictures on the front page. It's a real pity that MI idiot is in so many ways mean to be such a central figure in Boomtown. Oh, another of the CFL lights blew - I think there might just be something wrong with that lamp.

The newer Blogger.com templates aren't too shabby IMO, though my custom MT one is still cleaner and nicer. Very spunky. Oh, and I'm in the midst of reworking my front pages to make them use the style sheets from MT 3 - it's just a matter of pasting content and deciding what I want to keep really. Eventually.

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