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March 3, 2005

"When You In It, You In It"

Kelli Williams was on Scrubs. She's perty. Playing yet another Jordan really. Nice to know Desperate Housewives boy managed to makes sure he was free when real work came his way. Haffley was alway supposed to be a more fun character though. I can't stop looking at him like a ham anymore now.

Have I already mentioned how well Scrubs does its montage sequences?

It's interesting that they've done the same turn around false narrative about self-deception twice, and both using Brendan Frasier. I think they do it spectacularly - about the construction of reality. Suck it Turk. Oh, but I really should also mention the JD Elliot episode that splices the future into the day - also really good stuff. The first season episodes were both directed by Lawrence Trilling, who also did the Back to the Future Episode of Felicity (and hence the casting links), and while the first Brendan Frasier episode was by Bill Lawrence, the second one wasn't.

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