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March 29, 2005

the great romance of the 20th century

The feeling of things happening while you're not there, after you come back. And this is so important, I feel can't stress it enough, and I'm clinging not to forget. It's peculiar, people looking at you 'you're back', and going off. Newfound confidence all round, place not having burnt to the ground. It's disappointing. It makes you wish you were all alone in the world unhappy. I'm resentful, for we're strangers when we meet. TV warming up in the cold.

I'm watching comedy connections now, and the goodness gracious me, and there's something tremendously sad about it, but then so many thing are when you wake up at midnight. In a sense in seems that you never quite got to glimpse at all the incredibly intellectual and eloquent people that participated, if only because the discourse they were stuck in precluded that - made it middle-brow. In the way you never quite got with the public school boys doing comedy. And perhaps as much if not more so than the Beatles, Monty Python is the great romance of the 20th century.

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