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March 27, 2005

Swansong - LAX, Medical Investigation - Life On A Stick and Sucking

It's a bit wrong, but watching the swansong episodes of LAX is making me miss it a bit. It really wasn't as bad as it initially allowed itself to be - I'm hoping I didn't just summarily delete them all, though I probably did. If it comes to that I could always get it here. Louis is sentimental that way.

Which explains the twinge (slight) at the end (pretty much) of Medical Investigation. I'm not sure if Susanna Thompson quite made up for Peroxo-boy being dissolute *yet* again. But I've always liked Sasha Barese, and still to this day hold out hope that I'll be able to find Run of the House.

Life on a Stick isn't awful - the unaired pilot was leaked as Related by Family, and it's supposedly by Mel Gibson's production company. Thankfully the change of title might mean they reconsidered putting too much emphasis on the family bits. Step-sister is quite comely though. Evil boss is pretty wrong, as are so many other things. We'll see how things go.

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