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February 19, 2005

Pin, LCD for sale

It'd really be nice if you could pin particular posts, but whatever, Curry Night is below. I'm really going to contact Eugene's friend and get my bass fixed. Anyone interested in buying my 15" CMV LCD is welcome of make me an offer. I bought it for about $400, but now it retails for about $350 I think, if not less. I'd give it up for a sensible price, and there'd still be time left on the warranty.

I suppose categories are a bit useless. Unless you wanted to make a specialy branch, which never really panned out for me.

I'm getting more impressed with Broadvoice. From my extensive trial with Michel, it seems to have the better voice quality compare to Skype, at least going from phone to broadvoice. I'd have to actually be on the other end to know what it's like, but it's probably not quite as good. But I suppose that's what you get from using a higher quality codec. And I'm at least still able to run eMule at 10kb/s up while the call is going on.

Phoneconnector is still a bit sluggish in responding when I recieve certain calls, it can take up to 3 or 4 rings on X-Lite to make Phoneconnector respond. The problem being that until the phone starts ringing, I can't seem to just pick up and have the call be answered. Changing the setting to "none" for the ringing thing from USB doesn't seem to have changed much. I'd know more, but I haven't yet restarted, and probably don't intend to. I should really under clock my US comp, but that'd be tricky.

I wonder what Karen's been up to.

Have I mentioned how pretty my blog is? :) And I've tidied up the location of my Opera and Klip buttons on the right, the pyramid thing really wasn't doing it for me. If only Broadvoice would learn some subtlety in its button making.

I wonder if anyone would buy Broadvoice kit from me if I peddled it. I'm sure if I could catch the US university-going crowd, or even the UK ones, I'd make a killing. Parents would probably be the easiest marks there... There'd end up being quite a few US local phone numbers here. Like they say there are in India, I suppose. Pity there doesn't seem to be any noticeable VOIP provider in Singapore - it'd make the most sense for people going overseas to want to preserve a Singapore telephone number. Though for students behind fascist networks, that might be a problem. I suppose I could ask Leong if he's interested. I'm sure Pan-Asian VOIP solutions would do really rather well - as long as they were price competitive. I should have a look around again I suppose. Here'd be a place to start looking I suppose, but I don't remember them being terribly promising from what I saw.

Louis also went for more Strudel. Middling at best, really.

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