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April 12, 2003

I look forward to the

I look forward to the time when blogging can be something I can be committed to every day, without feelings of guilt if I do so. That said, I have to tell the world that Opera 7.10 has been released, and my it's a nice browser. Anyone who has a spare half an hour should really give it a spin. Any reservations I had about recommending 7.0x is gone, and if you're doing a fresh install of 7.1, you're in a for a great - and exceptionally stable - browsing experience.

I've been hanging out at the MyOpera forums quite a bit the past week due to the betas, and I must say that the only really addictive portions of the web are those that involve other people. Content providers can try their best, but personal interaction, if only through a message board, is something that can really keep people coming back for more. But if news is still the new porn for you, Klipfolio is a fantastic app that has just released a surprisingly bug free beta that you can get here. It's fantastic for keeping abreast of news all from a central source - it's got weather, and is particularly good with tech news sites like CNET, Slashdot etc.

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