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January 22, 2003

Having unleashed Peishan on my

Having unleashed Peishan on my blog, I'm starting again to think about these things as public record again. Is this to be like Malory's great stories? Simply the record of the public personas? Is it really a case of what you do not want published you burn? Am also starting to wonder about writing these things on the fly, whether I should keep my publishing consistent rather than simply blowing my load now. I suppose the fun in it is the uneditedness of it, that these are thoughts, not considerations as such; but as Richard Walsh seems to argue, isn't the way we write very much like the way we view the world? To be more precise, we already consider some things at length even before be get the oppurtunity to stream our thoughts, so how is this different?

The image of Blackadder's queenie keeps popping into my mind, a by-product of my having watched the Lost Prince yesterday. Miranda Richardson is quite delightful.

Am feeling very much now that this page should not be "entertaining". This is meant to be my record or myself, and a means of making myself happier, as well as some practise with writing, of all places I wouldn't want to be a performing monkey here.

Wonder again about all these short posts, but suppose they'll dry up soon enough.

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