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March 6, 2005


There's a new Eric Rice show, actually the first I've heard, and instinctively it's probably not as good as BuffyRadio, but just remember that he's much better on the air than he is writing. Evangelising shouldn't be just so much about blagging. podcastpodcastpodcast. I'm still holding out till he manages to get Estro-jen back on, but so far 'it doesn't suck'. High praise huh? It's just that the slickness of the show (and the set pieces) betrays a desire to approach a kind of professionalism that is a bit distancing if you're looking for sincerity.

Part of me thinks that his site/content is too much weighed down by the industry and commericial side of things and cuts out the 'him' in all of it, which is what I was lauding in some other places. Too much pimping. And it's not even about the commercialism (I'm me after all), it's just that the almost unseemly enthusiasm makes people look at you funny. Much like Scoble going on about RSS feeds - I know he doesn't mean it, but it makes him sound like a crank.

Spatula phone is fun though. And the flickr splicing thing on his feed was what really got me to stop subscribing - annoying as fuck. When you get a new headline you expect there to be content, not piccy-snaps. That's what convinces me that advertising on the feed proper is desperately unwise - the feedburner amazon links at the bottom thing is okay, but it only works in IE, and as I said before, boo-yah be-atch.

Just so we're clear about this - I'm Nobody.

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