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January 22, 2003

I've just added my e-mail

I've just added my e-mail address to the left, starting to find out how tiring this (blogging) can be. The e-mail address obviously isn't hyperlinked because I don't want spam harvesters to get hold of my wonderful new address. But yes Weltenschauung is something I got from reading Lukacs, one of the theorists on my Fiction and Narrative course. It's useful because it's a long word and hence I could get hotmail to accept it (ie it's not been used). Subtitles apparently was taken. Shall have to put aside some time to explain these things some time, but then again maybe not. Pardon all the bits of literariness and bolded text, that's me trying to write like Golding, specifically from To the Ends of the Earth. I've just seen Peishan bling at the system tray, should she be the first to read my blog?

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